Upcoming Events

40 Days for Life

Fall campaign has begun! Join in prayer, fasting and peaceful vigil offering hope and helping save lives, souls and hearts from the violence of abortion. Let’s fill the local Vigil site (NE 116th Ave just north of E. Mill Plain Blvd.) with St. Thomas parishioners peacefully praying every Friday, from September 27 - November 5. Look for sign ups after Masses. Contact: Dan Duringer, 360-910-5077. Please offer a prayer and sacrifice to save lives, souls and hearts from the injustice of abortion. Closing ceremony Sat, November 4, 2-3 pm at the Vigil site.


Healing Mass with Fr. Justus

Please mark your calendars now, October 20 at 7:00 pm, when Fr. Justus will say a Healing Mass at St. Thomas Aquinas. Plan now to attend this special event. We are excited to welcome Fr. Justus back to our community for the month of October and look forward to him celebrating Mass and reconnecting with his many friends in the parish! 

The WHO (Winter Hospitality Overflow) Shelter is hosted by St. Andrew Lutheran Church.  From November thru March, a local church community provides volunteers to man the overnight shelter.  

St. Thomas and St. Joseph parishes staffs the shelter for one week in
November 2017(12-19) and one week in March 2018 (4-11).  We are looking forward to your help again this year.  Without all of you giving so generously of your time and treasure, this ministry would not be possible.

Please CLICK HERE to sign up for your shift today.

Addition Information and signup for our November shift.







RCIA Inquiry Sessions

beginning October 15, 2017

If you know someone interested in learning more about the Catholic Church please have them call the office. We are excited to have a group of Inquirers forming and we will begin to meet at 12:15 -1:15pm on Sundays, beginning October 15 in the Belisle Library. The first step is to have them call the office. Questions can also be directed to

Allison Johnson at allison@stthomascamas.org.

Knights Thanksgiving Dinner deliveries

We, the Knights of Columbus have been serving Thanksgiving dinners for the seniors, shut ins and others in need in the Camas/Washougal area on Thanksgiving Day. We prepare about 500 meals at St. Thomas and deliver them to the homes of those in need. Last year we delivered over 500 dinners. If you know anyone that is in need of a dinner please call: Treasure House 360-834-4181, Al Schmid 360-835-5346 or ECFRC 360-835-7802.

Your donations will help defer the cost and we would greatly appreciate any support that you can give. We could use turkeys that are unfrozen by Tuesday night, pies may be delivered up until 10:00 am on Thursday (Thanksgiving) morning. Drivers are needed to deliver the meals and please arrive between 11:30 and 11:45 am on Thanksgiving morning. Our address is 324 NE Oak St, Camas, WA 98607. Please make donations to the Camas & Washougal Thanksgiving Dinner Fund at Riverview Community Bank in Camas or Washougal. Thank you!


Pilgrimage to Ireland
 Click HERE for information