Adult Faith Formation








Sunday Morning Adult Faith Formation

Sep. 24: 
   9:45am - Sunday morning faith formation (FF) classes continue 

                 - Adult FF sessions continue, parish hall
   12:00pm - High School L1/Foundations meeting, Belisle Library 
   6:00pm - Sunday evening HS FF L2/Catechesis sessions begin 

Oct. 1: 

   9:45am - Sunday morning FF classes continue
                 - Confirmation Prep classes begin (AC Room 16) 

                 - Adult FF sessions continue, parish hall

   12:00pm - High School L1/Foundations meeting, Belisle Library 
   6:00pm - Sunday evening HS FF L2/Catechesis sessions continue

                       (First session of ALTARATION; see ad and trailer on Youth Ministry page) 

A new season of parish faith formation on Sunday mornings is underway.  

All parishioners are encouraged to participate:  in addition to classes on Sunday mornings for children and youth, there will also be a new session for adults (whether you have a child in Sunday school or not) in the hall between the Masses (9:50 - 10:40).

Adult Faith Formation (AFF) sessions on Sunday mornings will consist of presentations and discussions on a range of topics impacting our ability to embrace lives of committed discipleship in the pursuit of holiness.  We'll consider how to make sense of and to integrate the various spiritual disciplines, to keep up with contemporary issues affecting today's Church, and to better appreciate our Catholic cultural heritage, all while getting to know our fellow parishioners a bit better in the process.

Here's the proposal:  come to the hall and enjoy coffee and a snack (or full breakfast on the first Sunday of the month) as you catch up with your neighbors; as always, introduce yourself if you meet someone new.  Parents take children to faith formation class by 9:45am and then return to the hall so the adult session can begin by about 9:50am.  A presentation will be offered for about 20-30 minutes and then your questions will be used to guide a discussion, either among the entire group or as small groups formed by the round tables.  Even on first Sundays with the Knights of Columbus breakfast, his timeline should give enough time to get your meal and visit before the AFF session begins.  We'll work through the small adjustments necessary to keep things moving smoothly, such as quietly stacking empty plates at one place on each table in order to be less distracting during the discussion.

In general, Adult Faith Formation presentations and discussions will be held on the same schedule as when the children and youth classes meet (see the children's faith formation webpage for a full calendar).


A new class is forming for the next women’s ENDOW study group at St. Thomas. We will study the writings of St. Catherine of Siena beginning on Monday, September 11, at 7:00pm. Join us and discover why she is a Doctor of the Church. Contact Lisa Meany for more info: family.meany; 903-1530. 

Adult Bible Study

Join us Wednesdays, 10:00am - 11:30am, in the Fireside Room.  We just began a new study of the Book of Revelation on Sep. 20 so you are still welcome to jump right in.  Discussions facilitated by Ted Meany; contact him with any questions: or 360-834-2126, ext. 215. 






Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA)
email to: Allison Johnson
Contact: 834-2126 ext. 206

for more information



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