Children's Faith Formation




As your summer plans take shape, consider including an event to help deepen the Catholic Faith of your teen(s). 

Registration deadlines are approaching and some event dates have changed since my previous email. Please review this if you are interested in these events and let me know if you have other opportunities which should be on this list. 

- Quo Vadis Days Discernment Retreat for Young Men (Jun 26-29) 
Register online at: 

- Ignite Your Torch NW Conference at Lacey, WA (Jul 6-9) - Registration deadline is May 15.  Register online at:  Follow the prompts to register with a deposit only; the parish will coordinate with participants to pay the balance due.  

     St Thomas will be sending a group of 7 girls and 5 boys this year; act now if you are still thinking of joining us. 

- St Joseph Vacation Bible School (Jul 10-14) - Teen volunteers needed! Looking for Service Hours this summer?
Register online at:

- St Thomas Youth Scripture school (July 17-21) 
Registration opens Jun 1.  Contact Parish Office.  

-Backyard Ministries at Sacred Heart Parish (Jul 23-29) 
See for more info; contact the Sacred Heart parish office at 360-687-4515

- Steubenville Northwest at Spokane (Jul 28-30) 
Visit for more info; recommend registering to attend with youth group from Holy Redeemer (contact them to confirm space available):

- Higher Calling Ropes Camp at Yamhill, OR (Aug 7-11) 
Visit for more info; recommend registering to attend with youth group from St Joseph



Safe Environment Training for Children

The Archdiocese of Seattle continues to be a leader in the ongoing effort to protect our youth from anyone who may harm them. Current standards include background checks, clear policy guidelines, and training for all adults who have unsupervised, ongoing interaction with children or vulnerable adults. The archdiocese is also committed to educating our youth and giving them the tools they need to protect themselves. This year, all parish faith formation classes will begin offering an annual sexual abuse prevention course for grades K-12. This matches classes already being provided to children enrolled in archdiocesan schools. (This is very different from and does not include sex education.)  On March 19, Sunday morning faith formation classes will present this year’s lesson on appropriate personal boundaries and the safe adults children know they can turn to if anyone fails to respect those boundaries. A longer version of this notice will be provided to all families with children in our parish faith formation classes, including links to online references for review. Parents and guardians also have the right to opt out of this lesson by submitting a form to the parish. 



Children’s Faith Formation

Where: Elementary Faith Formation takes place in the Aquinas Center classrooms across the parking lot from the Church.

What: The program at St. Thomas Aquinas offers opportunities for children to learn about our Catholic Faith by way of different classroom modalities.

  • 1st-6th grade children can be a part of the traditional, classroom model offered on Sunday mornings (9:45am-10:45am). They will learn about the Faith from their team of catechists by exploring the Alive in Christ series, published by Our Sunday Visitor.
  • Sacramental Preparation for First Communion and First Reconciliation prepares children to deepen their relationship with Jesus and to experience his love, mercy, and presence through the Sacraments. This class meets on Sunday Mornings between the Masses (9:45am-10:45am).



Sunday Morning Faith Formation Schedule 2016-17:  

Date Activity Session
9/11/16 No Class - Parent Orientation
9/18/16 No Class - Catechists' Workshop
9/25/16 First Class 1
10/2/16 Class 2
10/9/16 Class 3
10/16/16 Class 4
10/23/16 Class 5
10/30/16 Class 6
11/6/16 Class 7
11/13/16 Class 8
11/20/16 Class 9
11/27/16 No Class - Thanksgiving Break
12/4/16 Class 10
12/11/16 Class 11
12/18/16 No Class - Advent Break  
12/25/16 No Class - Christmas Day
1/1/17 No Class - New Year's Day
1/8/17 Class 12
1/15/17 No Class - MLK, Jr Weekend
1/22/17 Class 13
1/29/17 Class 14
2/5/17 No Class - Panem et Circenses  
2/12/17 Class 15
2/19/17 No Class - Presidents' Weekend
2/26/17 Class 16
3/5/17 Class 17
3/12/17 Class 18
3/19/17 Class 19
3/26/17 Class 20
4/2/17 No Class - CSD Spring Break
4/9/17 No Class - CSD Spring Break
4/16/17 No Class - Easter Sunday
4/23/17 Class 21
4/30/17 Final Class 22
5/6/17 First Holy Communion Saturday