Sister Parish



Our Lady Mother

Of The Church

Kanungu, Uganda




In the final weeks before we ship the container to Mary Mother of the Church, we would love to include as many of you as are willing in our Sister Parish ministry. Sewing supplies would be very helpful both to vocational school, fine arts program at schools such as St. Teresa of Calcutta (our gracious mission trip host), and women’s groups. Join the effort though donations of Pencil Pouches, Quality Thread, Needles, THIMBLES, Quilting Pins (the long ones that are easier to use), Metric Tape Measures, and SEWING Scissors. If you are not able to donate, watch for our packaging party and join in assembling the kits (complete with personalized, hand written notes).

Matching banners for our Parish and our Sister Parish.

Created by Fran Hewitt.