COVID-19 Getting Help & Helping Others


Reach out to those in your immediate circle:  communicate regularly with any at-risk family, friends, and neighbors to ensure they have groceries, prescriptions, and essential chores done. Handling the vast majority of needs at the local level is obviously the most efficient response.

- Work with and through established local charities such as St. Vincent de Paul
     - Consider donating to our local SVdP conference at
     - Consider contacting SVdP to see how you can help: 834-2126 ext 251

- Use or Join the STA Parish Assistance Team:  St. Thomas Aquinas Parish is attempting to coordinate assistance for those who need essential errands performed during the COVID-19 pandemic but who should not go out due to health concerns and do not have a support network. Click on this LINK to report that you need assistance or that you are available to provide assistance and we will attempt to connect you. Thanks for your generosity and patience during this experiment!

Expand your outreach by making phonecalls to homebound neighbors and local nursing home
residents to accompany them in spirit.

- Use the Power of Prayer: Prayer is an important way Catholics respond to any crisis as we express our dependence on God for all salvation, temporal and eternal. We stand in solidarity with all those impacted by disease including people who are infected, their families, health workers and governments working to slow its spread. Please keep these people in mind while you pray, especially pray the rosary during Lent. Below are sample petitions for the Prayers of the Faithful, from the USCCB:

  1.  For those who are suffering in the current outbreak of sickness, that they might be healed, and for the happy repose of all who have died from this sickness in recent weeks; let us pray to the Lord.
  2.  For scientists, health professionals, public officials, and all who are serving the common good in this difficult and uncertain time, that they will be filled with wisdom and understanding; let us pray to the Lord. 
  3. That in times of illness our merciful and loving Father will strengthen our faith and trust in his goodness and divine providence; let us pray to the Lord.
  4. That our compassionate Father would touch all affected by the current outbreak with healing and peace; let us pray to the Lord.

Check on your elderly neighbors and friends.