Phase 3

COVID-19 Recovery Plan

New Phase 3 Guidance - March 24, 2021

See the more detailed summary of the new State Phase 3 Covid-19 protocols here


New Phase 3 Covid-19 Guidance  


·    Earlier this week, WA state entered Phase 3 of the Covid-19 Recovery Plan, providing specific guidance for religious organizations as well as updates from the Archdiocese of Seattle.

·   In general, the new guidance allows an increase in church capacity (up to 50%) and allows up to 15 individuals to self-select to sit together less than 6 feet apart.

·   We are committed to following the latest guidance, while also committed to ensuring parishioners can find a safe environment to match their comfort level. In order to balance these concerns, the following church seating plan will be used as we begin Phase 3 at our parish: 

On the left (“Mary side”) of the church, you may elect to follow the new Phase 3 seating plan:  the option to fill each open pew with up to 15 individuals from multiple households in “close contact” (less than 6’ distance between households). Our pews typically fit 8-10 adults.

On the right (“St. Thomas side”) of the church, you may elect to follow the previous Phase 2 seating plan:  the option to maintain 6 feet social distancing. This includes the option for two households to self-select to sit together. For example, this would permit (but not require) three individuals to fill one pew (two of them sitting less than 6 feet apart) or for two households of four to share a pew (they would be less than 6 feet apart).

·    Please discuss these seating options with your household prior to Mass so we can all be as efficient as possible when entering the church.  

·    Many of our Covid-19 practices remain:  health screening questions prior to visiting campus, face coverings while on campus, filling the church via the center aisle and exiting via the side aisles or center aisle, proceeding to Communion one side of the church at a time, Communion in the hand, etc.

·    Thank you for your flexibility and understanding since many of these details remain fluid. Your feedback and your demonstrated preferences for the above two seating options will help guide future updates.