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2021-2022 Liturgical Year: Ordinary Time (Before Lent) PDF from CatholicCulture.org
Summaries of Feast Days and Sunday Readings during this ~60-day period.


March 2022
This year, the penitential season of Lent begins on March 2nd:  the 40-day period of purification and enlightenment to prepare ourselves to celebrate Easter. It is represented by the liturgical color purple. As we recall or prepare for our baptism, we reflect that this sacrament provides an initiation to an ongoing process of conversion and Lent offers a specific season in which to focus on this penitential effort, to embrace spiritual disciplines, and to enter into greater intimacy with God. The three traditional spiritual disciplines of Lent are prayer, almsgiving (i.e., giving of our time, talent and/or treasure), and fasting.

Mar 1 - Mardi Gras
            - Mardi Gras, French for "fat Tuesday": a final day of indulgence before Lent
            - The final day of Carnival (farewell to meat), the season of winter parties before Lent  
            - Also Shrove Tuesday, from shrive, to obtain absolution for one's sins by confession
                and penance and thus to be shriven before the start of Lent
            - Traditional foods include meat (before it is restricted during Lent) and pancakes or
                other fried foods to use all the fat and sugar supplies prior to Lent

Mar 2 - Ash Wednesday
            - The first day of Lent 
            - We receive ashes on our foreheads today as a sign of our repentance
            - A day of fasting and abstinence from meat
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Mar 7 - Sts Felicity and Perpetua, Martyrs
            - North African martyrs
            - Martyred together for being Christian
            - Patron Saints of mothers, and expectant mothers
            - Celebrating Saints Perpetua and Felicity (Catholic Icing)

Mar 17 - St Patrick, Bishop, Missionary
             - A Briton who was captured and served as a slave in Ireland 
             - Known for teaching about the Trinity with a shamrock
             - Voluntarily returned to serve as a missionary in Ireland, became a bishop
             - Patron Saint of Ireland
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Mar 19 - St Joseph, husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary
             - A Solemnity, the highest rank of feasts (so it is celebrated even in Lent)
             - Foster father of Jesus
             - Carpenter / builder of Nazareth
             - Husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary
             - Patron Saint of families
             - Patron of the Universal Church
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Mar 25 - The Annunciation of the Lord
             - A Solemnity, the highest rank of feasts (so it is celebrated even in Lent)
             - Archangel Gabriel appears to Mary in Nazareth, announcing God's plan
             - Mary gives her "Fiat" (Let it be)
             - Celebrated nine months before Christmas as the conception of Jesus
             - On this day (and Christmas), at the words of the Incarnation in the Creed, we
                genuflect and thus express the Church's ancient belief that life begins at conception
             - Read about the annunciation from the Bible! Luke 2:26-38
             - Pray the Angelus today, a daily devotion inspired by the events of this feast
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